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Cry Baby

hybrid, indica
THC 26%

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Cry Baby OG has a relatively short family tree with its grandparents being of the Hindu, Thai, and Afghan Kush landrace variety. It was made by backcrossing the ever popular indica $$Old School OG Kush.$$

Moist soil, earth, and lemon pine cleaner make up the rich odors of Cry Baby OG, with a spicy-pepper taste coming to surface upon being combusted. The flower consists of dense, mint-green burly nuggets woven evenly with an orange yarn of pistils and coated with an amber trichome frost.

With THC levels testing over 18.0% on average, it is a reliable strain that will consistently hit you with that mood-elevating, slightly trippy psychoactive effect according to consumers. This offers the user new energy and a fresh perspective to view the universe. The body buzz is even more profound though, as a warm tingle of relaxation creeps down the head, flowing down the body and through the extremities. Chronic pain and discomfort subside as the body becomes sedated and comfortable. The eyes get dry, then tear up to lubricate themselves giving inspiration for the name $$Cry Baby.$$ The muscles in the intestinal tract and gut relax as well, triggering an intense craving for food, making this a popular choice for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to stimulate appetite.

Cry Baby OG grows best indoors where humidity can be controlled as moisture causes this plant to mold easily. Flowering time is about 10 weeks on average and produces above average yields.

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