Game Red Sweets

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when selective smokers desire a natural, flavorful cigar sure to deliver on freshness and value, they trust brands like Garcia y Vega for a quality, premium cigar. Since 1982, Garcia y Vega has been manufacturing top of the line quality cigars for recreational use. In 2007, Game Cigars expanded its line of flavored cigars. Available in multiple flavors, these natural cigars have become a favorite product created by the Garcia y Vega brand. Inviting aromas, quality blends and unique varieties make each smoking experience a unique one.

Imported from the Dominican Republic, the flavored tobaccos have become one of the most reputable manufacturers of cigars available on the market. The mild flavored varieties of Game Cigars have made the brand a leading manufacturer of quality cigars. Exciting flavors like green, vanilla, wine, honey, white grape and peach have been widely celebrated by smokers with discriminating tastes. The mild, inviting aroma offers a pleasant smoking experience for practically any cigar enthusiast.

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