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Garlic Knots

THC 28%

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About The Garlic Knots Strain

I have heard that there are cannabis strains that taste like garlic. That said, I have never had the chance to purchase any of these strains…until recently. A few weeks ago I picked up an eighth of Garlic Knots from my local dispensary. I was very excited to give it a try.

I was not disappointed. These nugs were so frosted it looked like there were garlic-parm sprinkles on them. Like most strains distributed by Electraleaf, the packaging is hilarious and spot-on. It boasts an Italian flag with a font that just screams ‘hometown pizza shop’.

Now, I had a lot of people get weirded out when I told them about this strain. I feel like people are too used to artificially-flavored cannabis vapes. Flower smokers will tell you that ‘flavored strains’ don’t actually taste exactly like the food. They have similar fragrance and flavor notes to the food, similar to how you could say a wine has ‘nutty notes’ even though it does not contain nuts.

Garlic Knots really delivers in this regard. It does have a garlic/spice flavor profile. I would guess that its dominant terpene is caryophyllene, known for giving cannabis a “spicy” flavor reminiscent of black pepper. It doesn’t taste like pizza, but it is pretty delicious.

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