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Phoenix is an Indica leaning hybrid, that reviewers have shared relaxes both body and mind. Beautiful in bag appeal, the emerald green and purple-hued bud are coated in thick glandular trichomes. Patches of Bright amber pistils peak through its buds, giving it a fiery glow.

This uplifting, yet calming strain, is reported by users to produce a long-lasting and tranquil high that helps keep stress and anxiety at bay, while relieving chronic pain, muscle tension, and inflammation. As the body succumbs to this narcotic state of bliss, reviewers say the mind stays surprisingly clear, making this an excellent choice for those looking for an Indica strain that won’t lead quickly into heavy sedation.

Breaking apart these beautiful buds releases sharp citrus and pine scent laced with petrol and spice. When combusted, the sharpness turns smooth as earthy notes of citrus and pine carry through on the exhale.

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