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Punch Drunk Ape

THC 30%

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Punch Drunk Ape Cannabis Strain, grape and muffin flavours with high flower and resin production

Elev8 Seeds has crossed two superb elite cuttingsPurple Punch and GG#4 (Gorilla Glue #4). Purple Punch is a cross between Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple, a plant that delivers flowers with extraordinary beauty because of its beautiful violet hues, as well as strong terpene features resembling blueberry muffins with ripe grape flavours. It is a great white resin yielder, which contrasts greatly with the violet coloured flowers. Purple Punch is a very fast and easy to cultivate variety that adapts perfectly to all types of cultivation, providing excellent yields. A variety highly valued in dispensaries in the US.

Gorilla Glue #4 is the other parent contributing to Punch Drunk Ape. It is a variety only available in clone format. A strain highly praised for its properties. GG#4 excels in cannabis breeding and in high THC levels up to 30%. It offers aromas that combine chocolate, coffee and pine with citric notes, as well as woody and gas terpenes. Many users for its properties relieving anxiety and pain have acclaimed it. GG#4 produces very good yields with heavy and compact flowers and a large resin production, making it ideal for all types of extractions.

Punch Drunk Ape provides hybrid progeny with grape and muffin flavours with chocolate, woody and gas terpenes. Its bud production is high with flowers that often show beautiful colourations due to the Purple Punch heritage. This is a hybrid composed of two great exponents in resin production, perfect for the enjoyment of extractions fans.

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